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Cr portal Events Schedule Brochure

What's Inquivesta


Science is not just about pages & pages of long and complex mathematical calculations or hours of theoretical mugging up of heavy books, it’s about unveiling the beauty of nature through ones boundless imagination, getting just a little closer to the real truth with each step.

All we do in Inquivesta is ‘celebrate’ science, here we have many interesting games which will test your creativity and skills ranging from ‘Lost’- where you have to get to a treasure with given clues, to ‘Thrust’- where you have to make your own rocket with basic materials, to ‘Anti chess’- you’ll have to play chess but with a little twist, and many more such games. So come here with us to celebrate science together in India’s largest science fest ‘Inquivesta’.
Cr portal Events Schedule Brochure
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Take a prepaid taxi (or private cabs) from the counters. Ask for destination "Haringhata" via NH34. The distance is about 40 km.
Follow the instructions under "By road" section.

By Road
  • If you are coming from Kolkata via Kalyani Expressway with your own vehicle:
    • Take a right turn at "Kampa More" (close to Kanchrapara railway station) and drive to Bara Jagulia (about 9 km).
    • Take a left turn to be on National Highway 34 (NH34).
    • Drive for 1.7 km. The approach road to IISER-K (IISER-K connector road in Google map) would be on your left (the place is "4 no gate" stop for buses/auto rickshaws).
  • If you are coming from Kolkata via National Highway 34 (NH34) with your own vehicle:
    • Drive up to Bara Jagulia.
    • Drive for another 1.7 km. The approach road to IISER-K (IISER-K connector road in Google map) would be on your left (the place is "4 no gate" stop for buses/auto rickshaws).
  • If you are coming via National Highway 34 (NH34) by bus (from or to Kolkata):
    • Get down at Bara Jagulia.
    • Take bus no 27 (to Kalyani).
    • Get down at the "7 no Gate" stop (takes about 10 minutes from Bara Jagulia).

If you are coming from Howrah, take a taxi/bus for Sealdah and then take the following route/transport.
If you are coming from Sealdah, take a northbound train to either of Kalyani Simanta, Shantipur, Krishnanagar, Ranaghat, Gede or Lalgola passanger.
Get down at Kalyani station. Take bus no 27 or an autorickshaw to Bara Jagulia.
Get down at the "Gate no 7" stop. IISER-K main gate would be on your right. Ask the security for the directions to various departments.

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Zakir Khan
Zakir is known and lauded known for his “uniquely Indian” style of comedy, which involves him impeccably catching on the emotions that are common to every Indian household and youngsters struggling to make it big in India. He seamlessly puts a spin to his anecdotes, which are simple yet hilarious, and catchphrases like “Sakht Launda” have become a fixture in his fans’ daily vocabulary. Catch Zakir Khan LIVE! @ Inquivesta 9 on March 10, for a quixotic dose of belly-rolling laughter!
Indian Ocean
Ek Pahel
1. 2. 3.
Event Description

GNQ 2019 is one of the main events of Inquivesta. It is a general open quiz. The quiz is about half a decade old, is quite famous in the Kolkata Quizzing circuit and has had wonderful quizmasters in the past in the form of Joy Chakraborty, Gautam Bose, Somnath Chanda and Abhra Das.

The party gets bigger this year with the GNQ finals being hosted by Mr. Movin Miranda. Mr. Miranda was born in Bangalore and is presently based in Malaysia. Since 1982, he has hosted around 1000 quizzes and frequently visits India, mostly for quizzing. As a quiz-setter and quizmaster, he has unmatched experience and expertise, and an amazing content library, rich in multimedia content with unique formats and rounds. He consistently ranks in the top 200 in the World Quizzing Championships. Currently he is 35th and the highest ranked Asian. He has also won the Asian Quizzing Championships twice.

This year GNQ goes online with a prelims to be hosted on Dare2Compete on 6th Jan, 2019. The winners of the online prelims qualify directly for the GNQ finals at IISER Kolkata. The winners will also be provided travel incentives to come to IISER Kolkata and participate in the finals. The offline prelims will take place at Presidency University on 9th February 2019. One team will qualify directly for the GNQ finals from offline prelims. The third prelims will be an onsite prelims that will be hosted by the Quizmaster himself on 9th March 2019 at IISER Kolkata. Six teams will qualify to the finals from the on-spot prelims.

Eight top-notch teams will fight it out for Rs 40,000 and the GNQ 2019 Winners title.
GNQ 2019 Onsite Prelims-9th March 2019, 10:30 am, IISER Kolkata
GNQ 2019 Finals-9th March 2019, 12 noon, IISER Kolkata


1st prize-Rs. 15,000
2nd prize-Rs.12,000
3rd prize-Rs. 8,000
Finalist's prize- Rs. 1,000 for each of the 5 remaining teams on stage


Registering teams must pay Rs. 100 as registration fee in order to be eligible for the GNQ Finals. Register for the onsite prelims at: On-spot registration for onsite prelims will take place at IISER Kolkata on 9th March from 9:30 am. For further updates and news, stay tuned to: Gnq Facebook


Souvik Paul ---
Akhil Lasrado ---
Amal Vijaylaxmi ---
1. 2. 3.
“ One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”
-Nikola Tesla

It is an event where you will get to use your brain to solve the brain teasers and fun questions and you can get a glimpse of how to deal with a real life research problem .

About the Event:

First Round: Mind challenging questions of Mathematics , Physics , Chemistry, Biology.
Time slot: 2hr
Team of four. (Strict Instruction)
Second Round: Each selected team after the first round will get an Interdisciplinary “research
paper” and you will have to present a solution to the faculty panel next day


Dibendu Pal --- 8637332142
Ankit Anand --- 8210538922
Jayant Jain --- 8178771046
Soham Chakraborty --- 7430985365

1. 2.
Artbeat consists of three events: Fusion, Synchrome, and Spoof.


Paint one half of your canvas and let your teammate's half unite your ideas to create magic!
2 members are required in a team.
Painting materials will be provided, and there is no restriction on use of personal art supplies.
Theme will be given on the spot.
15 minutes will be given for team discussion (only). Participants will not be allowed to discuss with their teammates during the rest of the event. 2 hours will be provided to paint each half of the painting, simultaneously and separately.


Let the music flow through the strokes!
Song will be given on the spot (participants can choose between English and Hindi), and the painting should be your interpretation of the song.
It is an individual event.
Painting materials will be provided, and there is no restriction on use of personal art supplies.
2.5 hours will be given to complete the painting.


Create the grandest spray can painting and rule above all!
Each team can have 1-4 members.
Event entry fees- Rs.50 per team.
Spray cans will be provided, and use of personal art supplies is forbidden.
3 hours will be given to complete the painting.


Gaurav Kumar --- 9304196572
Disha Hegde --- 9483810384
Bhuvanambiga Pari --- 7904842356
1. 2.
Land Of Secret Treasures

"It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
You know you are truly alive when you’re LOST...The adventure is worthwhile and so is your participation
Welcome to L.O.S.T., a one-of-its-kind live-adventure simulation which will enthrall, confound and exhilarate you as you delve into a world in which history took a turn no one could have foreseen…
We’ll say no more. Come and experience an electrifying adventure for yourself! Just sign up as teams of 4 and solve the QUESTIONNAIRE.
Come join us on an adventure of a lifetime
The event will proceed as follows:

The Questionnaire Round followed by the

Online Round:

These rounds will happen before Inquivesta.
The Questionnaire Round requires answers to the questions to be filled up in the space given in the interactive questionnaire page, according to the instructions specified there.
There will be screening at this point following which, selected teams will progress to the Online Round, the details of which will be communicated to them by mail.

The Field Round:

It’s time to get your hands dirty! Teams selected at the end of the Online Round, will come to the IISER Kolkata campus on 08.03.2019, and immerse themselves in a whole new world over the next two days.
Without getting into particulars (we don’t want to give away too much, do we?), in this round you will uncover the story in two phases, at the end of both of which there will be elimination.
This round will be nothing less than eventful!

The Final Round:

Yet again, what will happen here is… a secret that needs to be uncovered for yourself. Just know that it will happen at midnight! Sign up is sleepless nights are you thing.


Anshuman Jaysingh --- 7978437411
Rahul Subbaraman --- 8668006058
Sumedha D --– 9500117973

Prize Money

First Prize: 10,000 INR
Second Prize: 7000 INR
Special Prize : 5000

Link to our facebook page
Registration closed. Bye Bye.
1. 2. 3.
Event Description

Headshot is “The Gaming Event” of INQUIVESTA, hosted by the gamers, for the gamers.
This is a competitive multiplayer tournament comprising of two first person shooter games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare(COD) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive(CSGO), FIFA 19 and the popular PUBG Mobile. Gamers have to participate in a team of 5 members for CSGO and COD individually in FIFA and in a team of 4 members in PUBG. Opponents will be selected on basis of electronic simulation.


These are general format for the games to be played.
1. For Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare- A team of 5 vs 5 is required. Access to console commands is restricted. Certain perks are also banned.
2. For Counter Strike :Global Offensive- No Steam Login. Players 5 vs 5. Match type-Competitive. Maps-Active duty along with the new de_dust2. Access only to specific console commands.
3. For FIFA 19- 1 vs 1, Group stage and Knockout. Only controllers are allowed. Certains balls and perks are banned.
4. For PUBG- Maximum 25 squads of 4 in a match. Winners will be decided according to the points earned from ranks and kills.

All players can bring their own keyboards, mice and controllers. Mobiles phones are mandatory for Pubg players. In case of disputes organisers' decision will be final and binding.


CS:GO: 15000
1st-10000, 2nd-5000

COD:MW: 10000 1st-7000, 2nd-3000
PUBG: 20000
1st-10000, 2nd-6000, 3rd-3000, man of the match (most kills)-1000
FIFA: 5000
1st-4000, 2nd-1000


Naksatra Bailung - 9123063904
Rinkesh Panigrahi - 9348870904
Fahad Anis Shaikh - 8249442343
Aritra Mandal - 9431320252
Discord Link
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Mystery & Adventure
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